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Auxo Labs is a venture capital-funded company founded in 2014 with innovation and a keen desire to provide flawless customer-centric service as our primary inspiration. Developing cutting-edge software products is our forte, which is adequately complemented by meticulous research that enables us to incorporate the latest in technology into our products. Our product offerings primarily serve our US & UK clientele, and we look forward to spread our wings further for a global presence.

Our love for technology does not diminish our view of human resources - we consider them our top asset. The casual work atmosphere we have created fosters creativity and lends itself well to shaping the exquisitely futuristic projects we sign up for. Our task-based deadlines translate into extra personal time for our team and greater satisfaction of our clients who experience a world-class product at a quick turnaround.

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Address : 34 Third Floor, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Egattur, Chennai - 600130

Phone : +91 9597085213 - Email :

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